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IMPORTANT FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Important FAQs – Here are some important FAQs to help us understand why our online presence is a great way to reach our customers both online and offline these days.  Reaching out to our customers with our vital information.  Easily achieved by being on Google Maps, raising your Local SEO presence with Google.


Why is it important for your business to be listed on Google Maps and Google My Business?

Important FAQs – The Why
  • Local Search – 50% of users who perform a local search on their smartphone will visit a physical store within one day (2)
  • The most important criteria for a customer is that you are readily available to them, that they can visibly see you and find you.
  • Get found by your customers when they are searching for what you sell in a micro-moment.
  • A micro-moment is a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and delivers quick information that you can either consume or act on immediately.  This is what today’s customers need and why they want your business and your businesses vital information on Google Maps.

What is important about the Google Maps and Google My Business tool?

Important FAQs – The What
  • Google Maps listing is an important tool for your business and that you can use to promote your businesses visibility on Google Maps, Google My Business and in Google Search, so customers can find you.
  • When someone types your business name on their Google Search bar, with a Google My Business listing all your vital information such as your phone number, address, link to your website, customers reviews, images of your business features in Google search results.  It’s like a modern digital version of a Yellow Pages directory.

How will your business benefit from having a Google Maps and Google My Business listing?

Important FAQs – The How
  • Your new potential customers can find you and your exact address and location of your map marker listing on Google Maps.  Finally, no more wondering where you are exactly!
  • With Google Search, if you have a Google Maps category listing such as a Plumber and you have an Optimised your Google My Business listing your business will be promoted by being listed in the Local SEO search results even if you don’t have a website.  Hows that free advertising on an ongoing basis.
  • Google My Business also offers you a free website facility.

What is so important about the combination of Google Maps and Google My Business listings in conjunction with Google Search?

Important FAQs – The What
  • Availability – 93.2 % of consumers typically travel 20 minutes or less when shopping for everyday purchases. Urban consumers (83 % of all shoppers) prefer even shorter distances, with 92 % usually travelling 15 minutes or less. (1)
  • Over 63% of all searches are performed using Google (5)
  • The top 2 online activities are search and email (4)
  • 94% of all mobile and tablet search traffic comes from Google (6)
  • At least 2 trillion searches are conducted on Google worldwide in a year (8)
  • Being on Google Maps and Google My Business increases your ranking with Google on Google Search.

What important information can I put on my Google Maps and Google My Business listing?

Important FAQs – The What
  • Your vital information such as your location, phone number, and website.
  • You can also add text to your Google My Business listing, remember to include keywords relevant to your business.
  • Add images and videos to your listing, make the most of colour and sound.
  • Create a listing for each branch and location of your business.
  • Ask your customers if they would leave a review of your business by emailing them the link to the review section of your listing.

Why are Google Reviews important for your business, with Google Search?

Important FAQs – The Why
  • Positive Google Reviews raise your businesses ranking with Google.
  • Review ranking scoring increases by the relevant distance to your business.
  • 80% to 90% of shoppers read online reviews before buying a product (3)
  • The reviews influence buyer behaviour.
  • They promote confidence in buyers purchasing decisions.

How to get a Google Review?

Important FAQs – The How
  • You can ask your customers in person for a review, having spent time with them.
  • Attach a note with their purchase suggesting they may like to give you a review.
  • Ask your customer by email for a review if you don’t conduct business with them face to face.
  • Share your Google Maps Review link with your customer.

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Client Feedback

Thanks, Anita!

My business has turned around since you have put it on google maps. Having a website is the easy bit but getting it seen online is the hard bit, you were able to do that for me. l would not have been able to do that without your assistance.
Thank you so much
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