Love this Sparkies Name

Young Spark, some of the best names and designs are the simplest. Go Map Girl.

Obsessive Coffee Drinkers


Obsessive Coffee Drinkers-IMG_6672-Anita Brown
Obsessive Coffee Drinkers

Great tasting coffee OCD, cute little van, at Four 14 Cafe Espresso, Pyes Pa, Tauranga.  On the way from Tauranga to Rotorua. Go Map Girl.


Sensational Coffee

Sensational Coffee. IMG_5142. Anita Brown 2017.
At the Local Coffee House

Arty coffee at the Local Coffee House in St Heliers, Auckland, by the beach.  Check it out! Go Map Girl.


Salmon Zing. IMG_6712.  Anita Brown 2017.

Sensational tasty salmon dish with a lovely zing, at the Hilton Taupo.  Go Map Girl.




Espresso Cheesecake IMG_6733
Espresso Cheesecake

Eiffeltower Espresso Cheesecake at Le Cafe Telephonique, enjoying a little Paris passion. Go Map Girl.

New Zealand Summers Day


Waihi Beach sundown. Go Map Girl. IMG_0776
Summer Time

Love this place I call home, New Zealand.  Summer days and natures simple pleasures are the best.  Go Map Girl.


Violet is Blue

Just Love the blue in these flowers. Anita Brown 2017. IMG_5690
Love The Blues

Love the vibrant flowers at White Tree Florist in Orakei, Auckland.  Go Map Girl.

Ancestry Past and Future

Ancestry Runs Deep. Go Map Girl. IMG_1008
Ancestry Runs Deep

Our ancestry is always present, symbolism tells a story and the French Touzel mystery remains.  Go Map Girl.

Beach Art Naturally

Leave Only Your Footprints

Beautiful Waihi Beach, where you leave only your footprints.  Go Map Girl.