We are passionate about adding businesses to Google MapsTM in order to give New Zealand companies more market exposure and to give our tourist more exposure to what our New Zealand businesses have to offer.


We believe it’s important for New Zealand businesses to be listed on Google MapsTM.  This benefits New Zealand businesses by letting GoogleTM know they are a legitmate business and by giving them Google My BusinessTM tools, also improving their SEO rankings.   Google MapsTM helps to also benefit our beautiful places, parks, communities and cities by raising all our profiles both locally and globally to the world markets.



Giraffes of the Sea by Anita Brown


Our story began in Auckland because of a photo, which we called “Giraffes of the sea”,

I put this photo on the Auckland Zoo site, where it got noticed by GoogleTM .

Since then we have been adding photos to Google MapsTM.

Now we also help businesses put their business listing on Google MapsTM, add, edit, update, relocate and image and consult on Google My BusinessTM.



We started our website Go Map Girl, to share our information about businesses we have already mapped on Google MapsTM  .

We chose the name Go Map Girl because people who contacted us kept referring to me as, “Go Map Girl”.


City Marina Life, Auckland.

In the city, we enjoy our boating life (and our friendly marina sea leopard!).

My Country Beach Life, Western Bay of Plenty.

In the country, we share our coastal environment with the oyster catchers and enjoy listening to the crashing waves on our beach.

  Photos by Go Map Girl
The Life Style Mix

Our City Country lifestyle allows us to enjoy a mix of city buzz and idyllic country coastal beaches and nature.

Thanks for visiting 
Go Map Girl

by Anita Brown


Client Feedback

Hi Anita,

I would like to thank you for putting my company White Knight Interiors Ltd on Google maps. From the moment I contacted you asking for assistance, your enthusiasm and professionalism left me in no doubt that the process would be well managed. Since being on Google maps it has given White Knight Interiors the exposure and inquiries we would otherwise not have had.

Kind Regards, Murray Knight Director

Click to go to White Knight Interiors Ltd, Orakei, Auckland.



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