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Go Map Girl® adds listings of businesses like yours to Google Maps enabling these businesses to become visible and found.  As a result, bringing customers and clients to their door, their website, their business!  With our helpful service, you can increase your businesses visibility with your own listing and improve your Local SEO ranking with Google.





Listing, Map and Marker Details
Sunday Homestore Waihi Beach listing and marker location on Google Maps.

Business Visibility

Local SEO increases your business visibility.  It does this by driving your website to the top of the local listings in your area.  Your local business needs geographical visibility to gain relevant traffic.  Google Maps does this for you by increasing your visibility, bringing customers to your area, your business.  By listing your business you are letting Google know that your business is a legitimate business, due to this you are improving your Local SEO ranking.

Affordable Service

Go Map Girl® offers an affordable service to promote your business online, firstly by creating your Google Maps listing, and then by providing a Google My Business listing for your business.

Showcase Your Product or Service on Google Maps
The Attic Bar and Restaurant on Google Maps

Your Photo Gallery

Your listing is able to showcase your latest products and services with photos, list your opening hours, your phone number, your website, in addition, you can obtain and respond to your customer’s reviews, and gain useful reports from your very own Google My Business dashboard regarding your businesses Google Analytics especially relevant in today’s fast paced world.



Listing Details and Map Location

A listing showing the location of The Attic Bar and Restaurant in Mission Bay, Auckland.


Let us Google Map your business for you

Did you know, by listing your business, your business is showcased in three places – Google Search, Google Maps, and Google My Business.  Google is doing everything they can, to grow your visibility, and to help your customers on the move with their mobile devices find you.

The Google Search for The Attic Bar and Restaurant shows they are also on Google Maps.

Let Us Resolve Your Issues

Go Map Girl® can resolve your issues, correct a map location marker issue, removing double ups of your business listing, transfer a business listing, close a business listing, assist with Google My Business platform.


CUSTOMERS ARE Searching for your business on Google Maps  

Increasingly your future customers are now on mobile devices while searching for business listings just like Fusion Cafe, Ponsonby, Auckland.

Fusion Cafe has great food. Locate them on Google Maps.

Customers are looking online for cafe’ like Fusion Cafe.  They are also looking for their vital information, address, phone number, opening hours, their website, customers want to view their exact map location, from their smart phone.   Your customers are not static, they are on the move, hungry and they want to eat now!  Show them where you are and meet their needs.

Over 70% of viewers are viewing your businesses via mobile devices.  Help them find you by increasing your online visibility by getting on Google Maps!

Show your product AND services on Google Maps

Customers can view photos of your business, just like this Storage Facility Business Hewlett Rd Self Storage, Tauranga. listing.  The photo facility is especially relevant for businesses who want to showcase their latest product line, to future customers who are already looking for your business.  Business  receives thousands of views.  The photo view count is especially relevant when establishing which of your product or services images had the most view counts by visitors.   The view count tool can assist you when establishing your future advertising strategy for your future customers.


Listing of  Hewletts Road Self Storage, Tauranga.
 Photos by – Go Map Girl

Client Feedback

Thanks Anita,

The results have been amazing since you helped me with Google Maps. Thank you so much.


Smooch Natural Products Ltd

Click to go to Smooch Natural Products, Nelson.

Healing-Doctor Smooch-locate-their-contact-details-on-Google-Maps-IMG_2702-©-Anita-Brown-2017
Healing Doctor Smooch another fantastic product by Smooch Natural Products Ltd. Locate their contact details on Google Maps.


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